Garry Byrne

A Psychologist. I am highly motivated and passionate about what I do, and I believe my work can only be as successful as the relationships I develop with my clients in working towards a promotion of personal well-being, and positive and adaptive mental health.

My aim is to explore with your potential, but also examine the practicalities of daily functioning that benefits you within your own needs and personal worldview. I feel I can help and support you to explore and appropriate challenge aspects for potential change, but I’m also conscious of ‘meeting you where you’re at’ and being guided by what is the best for you, as you may see it.

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Garry is ready to help you improve your mental health

Counselling Experience

Garry has over 13 years of experience as a psychologist working with adolescents, early adulthood and families.

Garry uses a number of therapeutic approaches, most predominantly a humanistic, person-centred approach, as well as CBT, mindfulness, DBT and solution-focused principles and underlined through psychodynamic and existential values.



Registered Psychologist, B.Arts Major Psychology, Masters in Counselling Psych and Masters of Suicidology. CBT, Mindfulness, DBT.

Areas of Expertise

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Adjustment Disorders
Anger management
Autistic Spectrum Disorder
Eating issues

Gender identity
Body dysmorphia
Gender dysphoria

Non-suicidal self-injury (self-harming)
School engagement & refusal
Academic Performance