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A Little Something About Us....

We tried to find available, affordable, and cool psychologists whom we connected with. We quickly found out that they were either not available until a few months later, on the other side of town and there was no time to get to sessions, or not affordable because of financial circumstances (some of us need to feed our kids!).

We started Good Minds because we were once struggling ourselves and wanted to feel Good ASAP.

Therefore, out of hours, 7 days a week is very common for us.

Since telehealth started, it has made it easier for clients to reach out to us, not having to lug their backsides to the couch of a psychologist, they could be at a park, in their cars, on a break from work, or at home in their PJs to name a few scenarios.

That allowed our Good Minds psychologists to also be flexible as well, setting their own hours of operations and availability.

psychologist near me Ryde Sydney - Good
We believe that everyone deserves accessible mental health care! We don’t charge gap fees for sessions during 9-5pm and we bulk bill through Medicare!

  • Remote sessions; phone or video it’s your choice

  • 20 sessions per calendar year covered by Medicare (with a valid Mental Health Care Plan from your GP). No out-of-pocket expenses*

  • We are operating 7 days a week

  • Remote sessions allow us to be Australia wide

  *Affordable gap fee applies to outside of normal business hours AEST

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Our Services

Are you looking to get UNSTUCK and need some support or guidance that you can't get from friends or family?

We try to keep our sessions simple, supportive and sometimes fun. Clients who see us range from as young as 8 through to 65+.

Our areas of expertise are (but not limited to):

Mental Health & Well Being
  • Affected by Covid-19

  • Anxiety

  • Chronic illness

  • Depression

  • Eating Disorders

  • Finance stress

  • Grief & Loss

  • OCD

  • Personality Disorders

  • Relationship issues

  • Sleep issues

  • Trauma

  • Work stress - organisational restructure, career change, career progression

Life Stages
  • Developmental (children)

  • School/university stress

  • First time dads

  • Parenting stress

  • Life coaching

  • Retirement adjustment


The Team

We’re professional, qualified and ready to work with you.


Check out our profiles and book an appointment with one of us.

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Our Fees

Bulk Bill! Bulk Bill!


Finding it hard to find affordable registered psychologists? We know, we’ve been there too, and when you find one, they are either not available until a few months later or life has gotten a hold of our finances! Well, Good Minds hopes to provide you with sessions NOW and we fully bulk bill, no gap fees for sessions.

Medicare covers 20 free sessions for each calendar year

Under Medicare, with a Mental Health Care Plan referral from your GP, you are eligible for 6 sessions initially. If you require additional treatment, you can seek a further 4 sessions from your GP. Due to Covid-19, Medicare allows another set of 10 sessions which would require you to seek another GP referral.

No Medicare or have used up the 20 free sessions?

Without MHCP, each session will cost $90 for a registered psychologist, $130 for a clinical psychologist. We try to keep our fees affordable.

Other Fees?

We understand that sometimes sh*t happens, so please try to give us advanced notice of greater than 24 hours, otherwise we will have to charge you $50 (+cc fees) for the missed session.


Frequently asked questions

My flute won't make a sound, or sounds buzzy or weak, is it broken?

No, 99% of the time the tied on block or fetish is out of position. See the videos on this website or consult the manual that came with the flute, for to position the sound block. Basically the block's cutout needs to be just behind the flute's sound hole for optimal sound and playability.

Does temperature or humidity change the tone or tuning of the flute?

Temperature will change the flute tuning. I tune the flutes between 72 and 74 degress Fahrenheit. If the temperature is above 74, the flute will play sharpr, below it will play flatter. Howevr, the flute stays in tune with itself and will most likely never be noticed by the player.

Does different woods affect the tone of the flute?

Only slightly. In general. a softwood such as cypress or redwood will have a warmer tone, hardwood such as maple and walnut will have a brighter, crisper tone.

Does an expensive flute sound better then the least expensive flute?

No. In the same key, you will find a less expensive cypress flute for instance sounds as good as a buckeye burl expensive flute. The difference in tone is subtle.

Is their a function for the tied on fetish or is it just decorative?

Its functional and if its off, the flute will make no sound, or if its out of position, the flute will not sound clear.

Are you Native American?

No. That is why I cannot call my flutes Native American Flutes. Instead, my flutes are inspired by the Native American flute, so called Native American style of flute.

How can I learn to play these flutes if I've never played any instrument?

These flutes are very easy to play, Unlike the silver flute, these flutes do not require any mouth embrasure or special blowing technique. These play more like recorders in that you simply blow into the flute and cover/uncovr the finger holes to produce the different notes. The how-to manual that comes with the flute plus my website video will help you get going.

Any special care for the flute?

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Which key flute do you recommend for beginners?

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Are the lower tone flutes harder to play?

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What age do you find children able to play these flutes?

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These flutes sound great so they must be hard to play?

No. No experience in music or other instruments is required. If you have fingers and breath, you can play it.

psychologist near me Ryde Sydney - Good
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We Are Hiring

Good Minds is looking for General and Clinical Psychologists to provide super star online consultations and support to individuals requiring mental health support.

What's in it for you?

Just as it is fuss free for our clients, joining our practice means you don’t have to worry about bills, marketing or managing your practice. We look after all the ordinary stuff and you just focus on you, your client and getting paid

  • Flexible working hours – you decide your availability, full time or part time

  • Mobility – you are not restricted by geography so you can work wherever you are as long as you have access to a reliable internet or phone connection

  • No admin burden – leave this with us as we sort this out for you

  • Remuneration – we are a bulk-billing practice so you will receive the Medicare benefit with a small management fee deduction

Who do we seek?

Whether you are coming back from a break or have some spare hours within your week that you would like to see some clients, we would love to hear from you.

You need to be;

  • ·Registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)

  • ·Eligible for provider registration with Medicare Australia

  • ·Have an ABN and professional indemnity insurance

  • ·Committed to practical outcomes, use evidence based therapeutic approaches and be comfortable to deliver your sessions remotely

  • ·Use our practice management system to set your availabilities, view your appointments and report on their progress

Does this sound like you?

Drop us a line at and we will get back to you within 48hours.


Contact Us

We are all working remotely, so it’s best to drop us an email and one of us will either email you back or give you a call if you provide your number.

Alternatively, book an appointment now and get 20 free sessions through Medicare


Location: Australia wide, we might get an office soon though!

psychologist near me Ryde Sydney - Good